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20 Books, 3 months

The hardest challenge of the winter 2024 session... and perhaps the hardest challenge we've ever had ever in the club... is this one, 20 Books in 3 Months!!! If you succeed in reading 20 books during this winter session (January 1st - March 31st) you will receive the 20 Books 3 Months patch - which is a very cool and limited-edition club patch to prove what a hardcore reader you are!


Below is the list of book merit badges. These merit badges have a little book symbol next to them in the workbook and they are the ones that count towards the challenge. You must read 20 different books to earn the patch, you cannot count the same book for more than one book merit badge. As you can see, 95% of these merit badges are books you get to pick yourself. Hunting down a book to fit the parameters of the merit badge will be an adventure and hopefully get you reading books you’ve never considered reading before!


All 20 books you choose must be read (start to finish) between January 1st and March 31st.


Health Study

Read a book about health and fitness.


Emotional Health

Read a book about mental health.


Sexual Health

Read a book about sexual health. (Many troop members have recommended Come As You Are by Emily Nagoski)


Childhood Favorite

Read a chapter book you loved from your childhood.



Read a book you have been wanting to read but haven’t yet.


Already Own It

Read a book you already own but you haven’t read yet.


Friend Recommendation

Read a book recommended to you by a friend.


Family Recommendation

Read a book recommended to you by a family member.


Teen Recommendation

Read a book recommended to you by a teenager.


The 80s

Read a book written in the 80s.



Read a mystery book.



Read a sci-fi book.


Contemporary Fiction

Read a contemporary fiction book.


Graphic Novel

Read a graphic novel.


Little Library

Read a book from a little neighborhood library.



Read a funny book.


Movie Book

Read a book that they made into a movie.


A Name

Read a book written by an author whose last name begins with the letter A.


Red Book

Read a book with a red cover.


New York Times

Read a book off the New York Times Best Sellers List, from the year you were born.


Newbery Award Winner

Read a book that has won a Newbery Award.


The Great American Read

Read a book off the PBS Great American Read list.


Choose Your Own Adventure

Read a choose your own adventure book.



Read a young adult book you’ve never read before.


World War II

Read a book about World War II.



Read a poetry book.



Read a biography about a historical figure.



Read a book on rhetoric.


Forest Bathing

Read a book about forest bathing.


Gardening Book

Read a book about gardening.


Budget Book

Read a book about budgeting or finances.



Read a book on etiquette.



Read the book Wintering: The Power of Rest and Retreat in Difficult Times by Katherine May


C.S. Lewis

Read a book written by C.S. Lewis


Justin Whitmel Early

Read a book written by Justin Whitmel Early


Discipline Book

Read a book about discipline.


Other Religion

Read a book about a religion you would like to know more about.

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