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  • RaVoe Orton

Howl at the Moon!

we sat for the longest time on the front porch

just me and my dad

looking at the full moon

dad was helping me to see the lady on the moon. “it looks like a silver dollar” he said “like the lady on the silver dollar” “she’s looking down toward the mountains”

i still couldn’t see it

we talked as we kept looking at that gorgeous summer full moon. dad was in no hurry.

and then i saw her! just like dad said, there was the lady on the moon

i’ve been enchanted with the moon ever since

the native americans called january’s full moon the wolf moon… because of all the howling!

smart people who know all about wolves have determined that wolves howl for many reasons. hunger. defining territory. locating pack members. reinforcing social bonds. well, that’s fascinating information! let’s run with that… like a wolf. let’s howl for it.

hunger. what are you hungry for? i’m not talking about food. what would feed your soul? what do you long for?

defining your territory. take the time to see where you are, how far you have come and map out where you would like to go.

locating pack members. who are your people? where are they? do i need new people?

reinforcing social bonds. how am i doing at being a member of the pack? how can i improve?

you get the idea.

now let your mind run wild like a wolf and come up with just what you need to be howling about in the month of january.

another definition for howling. to be extreme or great. example. “the meal was a howling success” i love this!!

on the 28th of this month i’ll be watching the full moon rise up over the mountains near my home.

i’ll be looking for the silver dollar lady and thinking about my dad.

and i’ll be thinking about all of you. -RaVoe Orton Vice President of the Proper Mountain Woman Club

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