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Join the Club

Add some sunshine to your winter by joining The Proper Mountain Woman Club, Winter Session. It's the best way to beat the winter blues and add merit and FUN into your life!

Anyone, anywhere can join.

Purchase your membership (pay your club dues) by visiting the club store.

For those that purchase a membership, your merit badge workbook will be mailed directly to you around Mid-December. Your workbook will have alllll the merit badges that will be available to work on this winter, and it will also explain how to log into The Merit Tracker and record your merit badges and how to earn your club patches. (To learn more about how the club works vist the page, How It Works.)

Troop members can start earning merit badges on January 1st! And it would be an honor to have you in the ranks!

Peace and Palm Trees,

Whitney Dodge

President of The Proper Mountain Woman Club

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Want to see hear what the troop is up to? Learn more about The Club? And check in with Whitney, RaVoe, and Lily?  Listen to the Proper Mountain Woman Podcast, My Life, My Badges!

Short quick episodes that are sure to brighten your day and motivate you to earn some merit badges!
Available on Audible, Spotify, and Apple Podcast. (or anywhere you normally listen to podcasts)