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Join the Club!

The Proper Mountain Woman Club is a club for women everywhere, and in any walk of life, who believe in progression, self-improvement, fun, and merit!

The Club offers a wide range of merit badges to work on... they are designed to stretch you, get you to try something new, kick a bad habit, develop healthy routines, add harmless fun into your schedule, or simply give you a gold star or pat on the back for something you have needed or wanted to do anyways... like deep cleaning and organizing your kitchen pantry!

It's amazing how motivating it is to earn a merit badge! Once you earn one, you are going to want to earn them all!

The winter session of the club is wrapping up right now and the summer session officially begins on June 1st. It is going to be awesome, I hope you join us!!!

Peace and Pine Trees,

Whitney Dodge

President of The Proper Mountain Woman Club

PS. To become a troop member, pay your club dues by purchasing a membership in the club store.

PPS. If you have a good idea for a merit badge, submit your idea here!

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