How It Works

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Merit Badges

This is a club where we earn merit badges.  As simple as it sounds - every single badge that is earned in this club has merit.  That means that it has meaning, it’s worth out time, it’s fun, or it’s good for us in some way. 


There are two club sessions per year.  The Summer Session runs from July through September.  The Winter Session runs January thru March. 


Every badge earned fits in to one of our 12 categories.  These categories are the same for each session.  


Home & Hygge





Self Reliance


Arts & Crafts


Health & Fitness



Each category has a list of several activities you can do to earn a badge.  Some badges are more of a challenge than others.  Some can be achieved in an afternoon and some take days or weeks.  Lots of badges require us to learn something new.  Most badges are really fun to earn.  Badges can be earned by one person or in groups.  All of the badges have merit. And in case you’re wondering, each badge can only be earned once. Every session has a completely new list of badges.  We do, however, find some badges are worth repeating every now and then.


At the beginning of each session, each troop member is mailed a workbook with a list of badges, special activity pages, and other club information.  The workbook keeps what badges you’re earning organized and is used to track your progress.  

Ranks & Titles

As badges are earned, troop members progress in rank.  The highest rank advancement is achieved by earning 50 meirt badges!  Many troop members gain their highest rank and continue to earn badges.  Special titles can also be earned each session.  Different titles are available each session.  Gaining a special title is like slaying a multi-headed dragon.  When you earn a special title, you get a limited edition keepsake to commemorate it.

The Merit Tracker

To keep track of all your merit badges, ranks, and titles you will log your merit badges into The PMW Merit Tracker. The Merit Tracker creates a personal digital wall banner that shows all the merit badges you've earned. The Merit Tracker is also is how you alert Club HQs that you have earned a certain rank or title to get your limited edition patch.