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To join The Proper Mountain Woman Club you must pay your club dues by purchasing a membership in the club store. Once you have paid your club dues you will be sent a merit badge workbook, and you will be emailed a digital copy of the merit badge workbook so you can start earning merit badges right away.


The workbook lists all the merit badges that you can work on during the winter session. There are over 200 merit badges you can earn, but you won't earn them all. You will earn the ones that speak to you. We have merit badges in twelve categories, so there is something for everyone! The merit badges are designed to challenge you, stretch you, help you to keep moving, and help you to embrace the winter. Some are hard, others are easy. But all of them will enrich your life in some way.

There are 12 Proper Mountain Woman Categories...

Arts & Crafts


Health & Fitness

Home & Hygge










You will be required to enter the merit badges you earn into The Merit Tracker... a special website designed for troop members to keep track of their merit badges. If you are a new troop member you will receive an email by the time the club starts with your login information for The Merit Tracker. If you are a returning member, your login information stays the same but you will be granted access to the new club session. The merit badges you earn will be represented digitally on this website (there are no physical merit badges mailed out). Throughout the club session, and as you earn merit badges, you will advance in rank and title within the club. When you advance to certain ranks and titles you will receive special club patches in the mail to commemorate your hard work and progression!

There is the possibility to earn 6 limited-edition patches that are unique to the winter 2024 club session.

The Complete Proper Mountain Woman Patch - for earning 50 merit badges

The Jack of All Trades Patch - for earning a merit badge in all twelve categories

The 20 Books 3 Months Patch - for earning 20 book merit badges (reading 20 books)

The Wolf Patch - for embracing the spirit of the wolf during the month of January and earning 3 merit badges with the wolf symbol

The Evergreen Patch - for embracing the spirit of the evergreen during the month of February and earning 3 merit badges with the evergreen symbol

The Marching Boot Patch - for embracing the spirit of marching during the month of March and earning 3 merit badges with the marching boot symbol

The last day of the winter session, and the last day to earn merit badges will be on March 31st, 2024.

The last day to log your merit badges will be April 10th, 2024.

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