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How The Club Works

Become a troop member of The Proper Mountian Woman Club by purchasing your club dues in the club store. After purchasing your club dues you will recieve your merit badge workbook in the mail with all the merit badges you can earn in the session. (the workbooks for the summer 2023 session will be mailed out at the end of May)

You can start earning merit badges on the first day of the club session... and not a minute sooner! The summer 2023 session begins on June 1st and goes through the end of September.

There are 12 Proper Mountain Woman Categories...

Arts & Crafts


Health & Fitness

Home & Hygge









Each of the club categories/values has a list of different types of badges to challenge you. The badges vary in how much work they will take to accomplish them. They all have merit.

You will be required to enter the merit badges you earn into The Merit Tracker... a special website designed for troop members to keep track of their merit badges. Throughout the club session, and as you earn merit badges, you will advance in rank and title within the club. When you advance to certain ranks and titles you will receive special club patches in the mail to commemorate your hard work and progression!

The last day of the summer session, and the last day to earn merit badges will be on September 30th, 2023.

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