Club Mission Statement: To celebrate merit!

Below is the team of people who run The Proper Mountain Woman Club.


Whitney Dodge

President, CEO, Artist, Head Mistress

Hello, I'm Whitney! I am president of The Proper Mountain Woman Club!

I live in Salt Lake City, Utah right between the Big and Little Cottonwood Canyons. Together, with my darling husband Mike, we have two strapping sons (Davy who is 5 and Burl who is 4), a giant Saint Bernard (he weighs 200 pounds!), 8 chickens, 2 beehives, and 23 tomato plants.

I have always loved working and spent 10 years working as civil drafter for big road projects around Utah. I loved working with graphic design and maps, and sometimes got to go out into the field to do noise studies, traffic counts, and bridge inspections. The most fun jobs I've had was when I was a snowboard instructor at Sundance Mountain Resort, and as a grill chef flipping burgers at The Purple Turtle (a local burger joint in Pleasant Grove, UT).

I believe in saying YES to random opportunities when they knock. This philosophy has brought a lot of random amazing opportunities into my life... like winning two national championships for knowing Robert's Rules of Order (ha!) and serving on the Butlerville Days Committee where I run the chalk art contest every year. I believe in community, traditions, and being involved... which is why I absolutely love the Proper Mountain Woman Club! I love seeing troop members say yes to random things, try and love new hobbies, create new traditions, build healthy habits, get stuff done, and have some harmless fun. I love seeing how the club blesses the lives of those who are struggling with boredom, loneliness, feeling in a rut, or needing distraction from illness or worry etc. We hear back from members that report earning merit badges has changed their lives. It adds MERIT! I am humbled beyond belief to be a part of that.

RaVoe Orton

Vice President, Creative Director, Master of Merit, Big Thinker

Hi, I'm RaVoe! I am happy to introduce myself. I live in Highland, Utah and have lived in the area my entire life. I am mostly an empty-nester these days, but still find myself parenting my 5 adult children, and being a grandparent to my two grandsons. My favorite times are when we are all together celebrating, playing games, or just talking.

I have always been an avid walker. I have gone through spurts of working on my walking speed, and spells of working on distance walking. One summer I logged all my miles to see if I could walk across America. My most recent adventure, before the summer session started, was walking from Mount Timpanogos Temple to the Draper Mountain Temple. I also love hiking, paddling, reading, studying nutrition, and watching Hallmark shows.

For as long as I can remember I have always put a motivational chart/poster on my wall to work towards my goals. I love having goals. I enjoy reading about new ideas and traditions and trying them! I love planning parties for my family and coming up with all the small details. It's all about the details for me! I love decorating, etiquette, good taste, and good design.

A funny thing about me is that I love to cut things out with scissors. And I also love working an assembly line. So cutting out merit badges, using the button maker machine, and packaging them up is so fun to me. I love seeing all the merit badges come through, and reading about all the good people are doing.

I guess I'm also creative because Whitney relies on me to come up with many of the merit badges for the club. I take this duty to heart. Many of the merit badges are ones that I have come across from reading books and magazines. It's something I think about, and pray about. Brainstorming the merit badges is one of my very favorite things to do, there is always a good positive energy in the room when discuss the ideas. We get so excited. Then seeing the merit badges come to life in a physical badge, or printed on a paper, and seeing a troop member earn that badge. It's an unreal experience. I love it.


Lily Von

C.O.O., Master of Color, Big Idea Bouncer, Publications Editor, Copy Writer, and Charged with Keeping Things Fresh & Hip

Howdy!  I’m Lily and I’m so happy to be a Proper Mountain Woman!  I am from Honolulu, Hawaii and I currently live in Keizer, Oregon with my lovely husband, Tom and our two Maltese, Muffin and Blueberry. Together we love to garden, paddleboard or float nearby rivers, or take a day trip to visit the Oregon Coast.  Although we spend a lot of time maintaining our home and yard, we are constantly laughing.   
My favorite things are colors, fun and the ocean. My favorite color is gold, but like Claude Monet said, “Color is my daylong obsession, joy and torment.”   While not working at a local health food store, I enjoy jogging, making playlists, cooking, crafts, and sewing.  I like recipes that are high quality, simple and delicious.  I enjoy playlists that make me want to move.  One of my favorite sensations comes from riding in a car, windows down, and listening to a song that stirs my soul.  I do all kinds of crafts and I am an amateur seamstress.  I love both magazines and books and am always looking for the next piece of literature to suck me in.  I always wear large earrings, many of which I make myself!  My signature color is banana.  My favorite flower is the gardenia, but I grow as many zinnias as I can every summer. 
The Proper Mountain Woman Club has encouraged me to use my time wisely and to choose productivity over idleness.  I love how it pushes me to use my imagination and how I always seem to be able to do more than I thought I could. I was honored to join the Board.  I love working with Whitney and RaVoe and being so close to the inspiration behind all of this!  I look forward to seeing what each of us becomes as part of the Proper Mountain Woman Club.