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Yeehaw! Get your boots on, becuase this summer we are headed straight into the heart of the wild Wild West, and the wild Wild West isn't just a place - it's a state of mind, a fearless spirit that dares explore the unknown and conquer the untamed. That's exactly what we are going to do... being a cowgirl isn't just about riding horses and wearing fringe (though those are definitely perks!)'s about being brave and trying new things, and sticking with it when it going gets hard!


Join the club and see how motivating it is to be rewarded for getting something done!


Membership dues include the following:


  • the summer 2024 merit badge workbook with all the merit badges available to earn during the club session
  • the possibilty to earn limited edition club patches and have them mailed to you (this summer there are the possibility to be rewarded with 5 physical pathces... the round-up patch, the victory patch, the happy go lucky patch, the true grit patch, and the outfitted cowgirl patch)
  • access to the "members only" PMW Merit Tracker - a website to log merit badges, track rank & title advancements, build a personal digital wall banner, and provide an online journal space to record merit badge earning experiences. This website also alerts Club HQs that you have earned your limited edition patches and dispatches them to you in the post at the end of the season.


The club goes through all of summer. The last day to earn merit badges is September 30th.


All are welcome to join! It's going to be a rootin tootin good time!

Summer Membership Dues

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