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For your husband who sits through the first season of Alone with you, willingly eats your sourdough discard creations, assist you when you learn how to use a power tool, drives with you to a pier, helps complete the 1000 piece puzzle, and lends a hand when washing all the windows in the house!

For your girl friends that come with you in the middle of the night to a 24 hour diner, wear matching outfits with you, accompany you on an unknown trail, and don’t bat an eye when you ask them to go roller skating in the middle of the day!

Finally! A merit badge for your support crew!!!!

This 3” patch is sure to delight someone who has supported you earning a merit badge… and who you couldn’t have advanced in rank without! Perfect for adding to a thank you note or for sliding into a love note. (The club store sells cards for those too!)

Support Crew Patch

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